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Our Medium

Fabric is our medium – and specifically quilting cotton. While there are a number of different types of quilting cotton – we do like to work specifically in a higher grade of cotton and we feel that is shows in the finished product. If you are going to spend time hand making an item – you want it to last and be the best possible product. If it doesn’t meet that standard – it doesn’t make it to our table.

Over the years we have learned that the best thing in designing any of our products is to let the fabric do the talking. It’s funny – you can look at a piece and see the finished product in your mind’s eye …it happens a lot in what we do. And it can evolve, you can bring something home and by the time you go to use it – it has morphed into a different product!

Also, the core of our designs would be our quilts, balloon balls and heat bags – because of the nature of these items --- we often have a lot of scraps. Material that is just too wonderful to be left on the floor after you have cut out what you need. We have made a conscious effort to save and recycle this into different items within our line …and quite often they make it into our Scrappy Totes, Passport Pouches, Coin Purses and other items.